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Real Estate | Timothy A. Charshaf, Esq.

Real Estate


A fair amount of real estate litigation currently centers around non-disclosures, wrongful foreclosures (and then wrongful eviction attempts), real estate agents or brokers not representing their clients properly, easements, construction defects and neighbor disputes.  Mr. Charshaf has prosecuted or defended hundreds of cases for homeowners faced with these problems.

If you are selling or buying real estate, whether commercial or residential, and you have a seller or buyer ready to complete the transaction, then you can save thousands of dollars hiring a qualified attorney to complete the transactional documents rather than pay a percentage of the purchase and sale price to a realtor.  Mr. Charshaf has handled many real estate transactions including commercial buildings, homes and condominiums and vacant land.

Many people today are faced with foreclosure.  Receiving an official Notice of Default or Notice of Sale in one’s mail can literally cause panic.  Mr. Charshaf offers a discounted fee for an hour long consultation in which he discusses the differences between foreclosure, deed in lieu, short sale and loan modification and the tax and personal credit score ramifications of each.  Mr. Charshaf works with a select few real estate agents who are experienced and highly successful in the short sale arena.

El Dorado and Placer Counties have an unusually high number of easement cases due to the rural county settings.  Mr. Charshaf has successfully litigated many cases where arguments arise over excessive or changed use of an express or prescriptive easement, where easements are truly located, whether use of another’s land creates an easement, and how all types of easements are created. Title reports and title insurance disclaim any responsibility or coverage for unrecorded easements.  New home buyers (and their agents) need to be vigilant when taking title to real property as a visual inspection of the target property most often reveals a road, path or encroachment that won’t show up in the title report.

Mr. Charshaf began his legal career spending considerable time representing the owners of three large regional shopping malls.  He handled everything from lease review and negotiation, commercial eviction, mechanic’s liens, construction disputes, maintenance supplier disputes, CAM issues, rent charges, to defense of personal injury claims less than $100,000.00 (the level of “self-insurance” borne by the property owners).  Mr. Charshaf has continued to represent both commercial property owners and commercial tenants throughout his career.

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